The work of Fernanda Fragateiro has had a simultaneous focus on issues of space and its relationship with architecture, and on the possibility of establishing notions of a community relationship through art. With a particular attention to modern architecture, Fragateiro develops structures that interact with space, converting it into a historically, critically and emotionally loaded place.
The work on show in Coimbra consists of an intervention in the space using a mirrored surface that follows a fissure in the floor of the room. By replicating the space, the artist creates a powerful switch that changes our perception, whether by making us notice the architecture and the scale of the space - with all the implications arising at the level of bodily conscience of the spectators - or by the enormous discretion with which the intervention in the space is imagined. Around the art piece on the floor, a set of sculptures (in fact, fragments of demolished buildings) laid on drafting table seats designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira suggests the development of an architectural imaginary, which will also be the subject of a seminar with architecture students.

Delfim Sardo