Sculpture and performance in an installation. Box to keep the void (3rd February to 4th March, 2007 at Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa) was a project created by Fernanda Fragateiro, in which other artists and several institutions cooperated. It was first mounted in 2005 in the Lar-Escola Santo António, in Viseu, promoted by Teatro Viriato and after touring the country, it had finally arrived at CCB.

It is an installation of a device where the junction between several artistic approaches is multiplied plastic and performative expression. Like other sculptures, this box is matter and form, but - with an expression that surpasses the mere condition of an object - it is also a happening / event. Linking plastic and bodily expression through dance, it becomes the place to explore the body, in a process of individual and collective discovery, in which skin and wood meet, reveal and question each other.

The sculpture presents itself as a closed box, apparently empty; a silent, uniform, rigorously built and encased wooden box that reveals the knots and small connecting lines between planes. Slowly it is activated by bodies of two dancers - one can hear their breath, their rhythm, their pounding, their steps - that deconstruct it and reveal how, after all, emptiness is full of possibilities, in a dialogue with the audience through movement and sound.

Dancers and visitors are matter in action and their gestures define space. In the relation between our body and the body of the dancers with the box, it opens, folds, unfolds and expands itself. Emptiness after all is full of discoveries and we experience an environment where we understand that our body is also a place. The body is the ultimate place.

Three-dimension, tangible, Box to keep the void is a space to explore with all the senses: seeing, touching, smelling, listening and feeling. This sculpture is made of a multiplicity of visions, movements, gestures and sounds, which implicate not only the project itself in its manifold openings, but also the people in their multiple possibilities of movement. The combination of the two is the whole. And possible actions are never-ending: to open, to build, to dislocate, to separate, to do, to open our, to give, to take, to breathe, to laugh, to try, to feel, to add, to subtract, to think, to change, to repeat, to see.

With the choreographic work of Aldara Bizarro, Box to keep the void is intended to be a tool for the understanding and perception of space, where the visitor has an active and creative role, through direct contact with the piece.

The approach of this sculpture as place applies to everyone, but its use as a workshop was specifically conceived for groups of children between 6 and 12 years old. They can enjoy, for example, a particular experience of notions of geometry. A geometry far from the one enclosed in books, a geometry one can touch - when they put their legs into a circular hole the idea of perimeter gains physicality - in an experience that gives a special meaning to the knowledge that comes from an artistic experience.