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Construir é destruir é construir, solo exhibition at EDP Foundation, Electricity Museum, Lisbon, Portugal, 2009
Curatorship by João Pinharanda

Untitled, 2009
Stainless steel and hand painted/scraped mural in acrylic paint featuring the quote :
“ask not just what landscape ‘is‘ or ‘means‘ but what it does“, W.J.T. Mitchell, Landscape and Power, The University of Chicago press, 1994
300 x 20 x 8 cm

Construir é destruir é construir, 2009
Painted iron, birch plywood, acrylic paint, mirror and brick fragments from the demolition of an old ceramics factory in Montijo and from the restoration of the outside walls of Central Tejo, Lisbon
4788 x 3814 x 50 cm

Book "Construir é Destruir é Construir"

Photographs: Miguel Ângelo Guerreiro
© Fernanda Fragateiro,