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Environment for Peace, after Dani Karavan, 2012
Acrylic and inverted cover of the catalogue: "Dani Karavan, Israel, Biennale di Venezia, 1976", Editrice Il Bizonte, Firenze, 1976
20 x 33,5 x 45 cm

Elevation study, after MvdR: "Skyscraper, project, elevation study, 1922", 2012
Polished stainless steel and architectural magazines: "Casabella"; "The Architectural Review"; "L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui"; "Abitare", published in the 70's, 80's and 90's
239 x 10,2 x 25,8 cm

Small Archive, 2012
Polished stainless steel and contemporary art books
14,50 x 60 x 15 cm

Concetto spaziale - attese 1968, after Lucio Fontana, 2012
Acrylic and insert of catalogue: "Lucio Fontana", Galleria d'arte Medea, Milano, 1974; Showing page 46; 39 pages missing
25 x 22,5 x 55 cm

Building Blocks, 2011
Polished stainless steel and printed matter; 40 modular cases with inserts of architectural magazines: "Arquitectura Viva"; "El Croquis"; "JA"
12 x 500 x 150 cm

Photographs: Miguel Angelo Guerreiro
© Fernanda Fragateiro,