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Architecture words, 2011
Polished stainless steel and 6 books
Eisenman, Peter; & Koolhaas, Rem : "Supercritical"
Kuma, Kengo: "Anti-Object : The Dissolution and Disintegration of Architecture"
Turnovsky, Jan : "The poetics of a Wall Projection"
Scott Brown, Denise : "Having Words"
Bill, Max: "Form, Function, Beauty = Gestalt"
Mertins, Detlef : "Modernity Unbound : Other Histories of Architectural Modernity"
From "Architecture Words", published by AA School and AA Publications, London
6 x 12 x 20 cm

Modern Architecture without architects, 2011
Polished stainless steel and 2 catalogues
"Modern Architects", first experimental architectural exhibition curated by Henry-Russel Hitchcock and Philip Johnson, catalogue published by MoMA, 1932 : Facsimile edition published for Lisbon Architecture Triennal, Babel, 2011; Rudofsky, Bernard. "Architecture Without Architects". MoMA, 1964
23,5 x 21,2 x 32,5 cm

(Not) reading Martin Heidegger, "Qu'appelle-t-on penser?", 2011
Acrylic and 1 book: "Qu'appelle-t-on penser?", Press Universitaires de France, Paris, 1959
1,9 x 16 x 11,4 cm

Photographs: Miguel Ângelo Guerreiro
© Fernanda Fragateiro,