Fernanda Fragateiro's Demo re-renders the cover photo of the publication Demo: Eine Bildgeschichte des protests in der Bundesrepublik (1986) by mapping and taking inventory of the image that documents a violent protest against increasing public transit prices organized by the Rote Punkt Aktion in Frankfurt in 1974. The mass of people, the movement of their bodies, the color of their clothes, the facades and architectural details of the buildings, the commercial signs hovering above, objects carried by the protesters, the lines of the road, fragments of flags and plastic bags strewn on the ground, a concrete wall with geometric motifs; all ready-made subjects for her to re-contextualize. In this exhibition, Fragateiro creates a multilayered installation from found visual evidence. She rephrases and redefines our relationship to events, surveying the distance between art and human drama. Her work is an act of 'reenacting' the riot, of appealing to a collective political consciousness, of augmenting one's perception through her knowledge of architecture and modernist practices.