[e]motion, still

What time is the imagined time of the time in waiting?

It is the time of the possibility of a desired reality: an expanded construct which is subjectively located between two marginal times, the found and the idealized. The time of the present is ephemeral and diffused: irreversible. The one of the past is steady and thick: celebratory. The one of the future is contingent and disembodied: far. The one of waiting is mediatory and reflexive: constructive.

Life is remembered as an incomplete temporal construct. One never lives enough to desire it and feel it accomplished. The urgency of time is experienced in its present as such. Every perceptible present is ultimate. The complete expression of this present undermines the possibility of future. To wait is an uninterrupted deficit.

The apparent stillness of waiting suggests a mute and sterile exteriority of the event. Within waiting, change is ungraspable. It is in it, bound by tension and regeneration, that one is consciously able to [re]create.

Time is. It neither devours nor wears itself out. The experience of time is founded on the intensity of desire, which accelerates, slows or stills our existence, our being reality. Perceptible reality is a difference, a spatialized temporal form of anachronistic desire. The present is not autonomous.

A garden is a place waiting for the future. All of its present is retrospective. The objective presentness of a garden is inherent to its end. Its subjective one is the moment.

ar, água, terra, aço, tempo is a present open to individual subjectivity. Its immediate visible shape is a contingency of found time which is assimilated as spatiality of a time in waiting, a non-specific concrete time. The present embodies the impossible stillness of time through experiences of repetition. Out of its unrepeatable and uneven tense reality, a present is finished in the future.

Fernanda Fragateiro puts forward a spatial momentum that is contingent to the instant. Within its ephemerality one can envision a suspended way of being, of a being always here now. The subjective experience of the future is engendered by that instant in which desire is a reality.

-- Claudia Taborda