Fernanda Fragateiro: from the archives, to matter to construction inaugurates a new exhibition cycle programmed by MAAT. The new cycle provides a particular look at the work of Portuguese mid-career artists with an already recognized and significant international career. Under this pretext, it is intended to bring to the public a set of preexisting works never before shown in the national context. This exhibition by Fernanda Fragateiro (Montijo, 1962) consists of a spatial intervention, made up of pieces produced along its artistic trajectory and others purposely constructed for the occasion, through which the artist proposes to delineate and structure the exhibition space. According to the artist, the intervention must be read as "a window, which opens and closes, on the processes of elaboration of the work of art, converted themselves into work". The exhibition reveals her thinking about editing and "spatial" construction, showing an umbilical relationship with architecture. This relation manifests itself in the deep concern with questions of space, volume and surface, revealing multiple connections: between plastic arts and architecture, theory and practice, drawing and color, forms and contents, past and present.
With a particular look at the subjects, methodologies and contents of research, the course outlined in this exhibition intends to reveal the investment of Fernanda Fragateiro in the work processes. These involve systems of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction, requiring from the spectator a subtle, intuitive exercise that passes through the field of the sensitive, but also by the intelligentsia, putting in perspective what is before him, affecting the entire perceptual system, from the eyes to the skin. The exhibition exposes a variety of materials and stimuli - drawings, images, books, magazine pages, remains of materials, scale tests, color proofs - that converge in the construction of the pieces, transformed into the raw material of the works and exposure.

Sara Antónia Matos