The Studio Sandra Recio (Geneva, Switzerland) exhibited Landscape Non-Landscape between September and October of 2015, the first solo show in Switzerland of Fernanda Fragateiro.

Studio Sandra Recio presented a new series of sculptures directly inspired by the building in which the gallery is located. For many years now, Fragateiro is questioning the notion of books. Working especially with books of art and architecture, she questions the relation book/object by assigning new function to an object, by shifting it by force from one into another cycle of use and lending it a new identity.

In Landscape Non-Landscape, the books were made of brass and cloth binding in which the green-turquoise color refer to the color of the gallery stores but also to the brass of the window frame. Like her sculpture-books, the material whose primary function is diverted becomes a component of an object, which status is also diverted from object to artwork.

In a perpetual circle of questioning, the artwork itself is diverted and questioned. Is it architecture? Is it sculpture? Landscape or non-landscape?