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Common Front / Frente Común, 2013

Polished stainless steel, notebooks with inserts of inkjet prints on paper from: "Latin American Architecture - since 1945", catalogue of the first exhibition of modern architecture in Latin America, curated by Henry-Russel Hitchcock, MoMA 1955.

Pages: 14-15, 42, 46-47, 76-77, 91, 104, 112-113, 124-125, 178-179, 182-183, 196-197;
Photos: Armando Salas Portugal, Mexico D.F; Rollie MacKenna, New York; Hugo Brehme, Mexico, D.F; C.U. Molina, Mexico, D.F; Guillermo Zamora, Mexico D.F. Elizabeth Timberman, Mexico, D.F; Foto Industrial, Bogotá; Perez Palacios Salinas.
Monochromes, after Joseph Albers color studies.

118 x 467,5 x 31 cm


Photographs: Miguel Ângelo Guerreiro
© Fernanda Fragateiro,