Fernanda Fragateiro: Processo, brings together a set of sculptures produced in recent years, which reconfigure and adapt to space, as well as a core of works designed specifically for the place.

Through these works the artist builds a strong dialogue not only with the architecture of the International Museum of Sculpture (designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura) but also with the contents of the Archaeological Center of the Abade Pedrosa Museum, adding to its estate demolition fragments of the self-built district 6 of Maio in Amadora. The work for this exhibition is developed after various subjects, methodologies and research contents, and it intends to explore and show the importance of the work processes; the plurality of materials and stimuli that converge for the construction of the pieces - drawings, photographs, books, magazine pages, conversations, rumors, remains of materials, scale tests, color tests, - themselves transformed into raw material.