“A paisagem é transforms the walk into observation and the viewer becomes a reader of the space. Along the Sistelo valley, in the municipality of Arcos de Valdevez, there are six flags marking certain places of the territory. In them are sentences that prompt a reflection on the landscape as an historical, political and aesthetic object, and whose contemplation cannot be complacent or innocent. The writings open a semantic space in the natural space for the viewer to experience, and create a path where sculpture meets verbal language and natural space. How interesting it will be that this whole project takes root in the landscape as a way to highlight it but also as a rumour: I heard that there are flags at the Miradouro dos Socalcos, or in Lugar da Igreja, or in Estrada da Casa da Floresta de Bouças, in Estrica, and that this rumour travels the land and echoes and remains through time.” 

Texts by Fernanda Fregateiro and João Manuel Esteves.
32 pages, Município de Arcos de Valdevez, 2018

© Fernanda Fragateiro 2023