A Reserva das Coisas no seu Estado Latente — pdf

“Practicing an alchemy of matter and meaning, Fernanda Fragateiro builds up a space of emancipation which confronts a poetry of form with an assumed innocence of a concealed knowledge. Structured by a rhythm of togetherness and separation, the exhibition The Reserve of Things in Their Latent State (after Maurice Blanchot) gracefully unfolds as a never-ending sentence of Blanchotian récit until it disappears in fairly long and abnormally narrow corridors of its veiled meaning. A sentence is a (written) line is a horizon is a limit-experience (an agent of disappearance as well as deception; but also a guarantee of fulfilment and affirmation, on the threshold of the visible and invisible). Act of silencing prevails. A denial, in fact, is an ultimate gesture of deconstructing a modernist pattern of thought, caught in-between an homage to a legacy and a desire to liberate the mind from received ideas and accepted knowledge.”

Texts by Adam Budak and Filipa Oliveira.
126 pages, Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, 2017

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