Em bruto: relações comoventes

Solo exhibition, Fundacão Centro Cultural de Belem, 2023, Lisbon 
Curated by Alfredo Puente

Em Bruto: Relações Comoventes, is a project that remains in constant evolution. Beginning in 2020 as a commission through the curatorial area of the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia. The project correlates a wide range of concepts with the powerful political and poetic charge that has been present throughout Fragateiro’s work.
“Seeing, touching and drawing are actions that can ramify the future, and the “construction site” embodies the artist’s intention to build and model this future together. It places us in an expectant territory between sculpture, architecture, and drawing, and invites us to observe ourselves within it.” by Alfredo Puente

Photos: António Jorge Silva 


© Fernanda Fragateiro 2023